Handcrafted Halloumi Peach Dessert - Bundle

€ 35,00 EUR
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This product is a pre order. It is foreseen to be shipped until Christmas and you will be notified by mail as soon as the package is on its way to you. From this point on, the package should arrive within 48 hours.
Product Information
The tender steamed Halloumi encloses the sweet and fruity peach half in the mouth, doused with a rounded peach juice-honey glaze and toasted walnut crumble without losing its characteristic refined squeekiness.
Product Details

8 Portions
2x Handmade Halloumi (around 250g each)
Sweet-pickled Peach Halves - 1 Glass (550g net weight)
Cheese Gang Honey (30g)
Cheese Gang Walnuts (150g)

Shipment Information
As we ship high quality & delicate food, the shipment is done in sophisticated refrigerated packaging. This adds up to an additional EUR 9,50 by checkout of your order.
Totally worth it in order to get your cheese fresh and sexy all year long.

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